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Premium Package

. Vacuum all carpets including the corners.

. Sweep or vacuum and damp mop all hard wood floors with Murphy’s oil soap.

. Damp wipe all baseboards, moldings, window sills, shelves, and other woodworks.

. Vacuum blinds and Shutters and removing all cobwebs from surfaces and corners.

. Dust and polish all furniture.

. Move light furniture and reach under or behind furniture where practical.

. Damp wipe picture frames, knick knacks, lamps and lampshades, light fixtures.

. Wipe all doors, including finger prints around door knobs and light switch plates.

. Make beds and change linens if they are laid on the beds.

. Clean inside all windows and glass doors including tracks.


. Clean inside and outside of all appliance including refrigerator, stove and oven as well as microwave, dishwasher etc.

. Wipe down counter tops, sink and backsplash.

. Clean out the kitchen cabinets and wipe down the outside.

. Wash floors including scrubbing where necessary.

. Clean out the food pantry where applicable.


. Clean, scrub and disinfect shower, tile, tub, toilet and sink.

. Clean mirrors and vanity.

. Sweep and mop the floors including all corners.

. Clean and sanitize bathroom counters and fixtures.

. Wipe all light fixtures with range of a 2-step ladder.

Extra services

. Clean out garage

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